75 Morton Direct Appeal 2019-20

Welcome to another school year!  We are now close to full capacity with 900 students in three grades arriving each day ready to explore, grow, and prepare for high school.  As we grow, we continue to stay focused on providing our child(ren) with opportunities that will maximize their potential.


But we need your help to ensure our children have the materials, technology and support they need to thrive.  Unfortunately, the DOE doesn’t pay for many critical services and supplies. 


The vast majority of the DOE budget pays for teacher salaries and operational costs.  PTA funds pay for all the other programs and enrichment that we consider necessities including:


  • New technology
  • Professional development for teachers
  • Library and classroom books
  • Enrichment programs and field trips
  • Classroom supplies 
  • Art, Music and gym supplies


In addition, there are upcoming opportunities that full PTA funding will allow us to take advantage of as we continue to build an exceptional school.  As fellow parents, we are all unified in our desire to give our children a great education and an optimal experience.   


As we continue to grow and expand our offerings, donations to the PTA will support many of the things that will make 75 Morton one of the best middle schools in District 2. Please consider a gift to the PTA of $750 per child


We recognize that $750 may be an easy gift to make for some, a stretch for others, and a real economic hardship for some. We ask that each family make 75 Morton a priority and give what you are able.  The reality is that we have added more than 350 students this year and that we are very much at the beginning of creating an outstanding school. 


Your participation is critical. 75 Morton will be as good as we, the 75 Morton community, make it.  Any gift you can give will be gratefully received.  But please give something. 


Thank you for your time and consideration. We have an exciting year ahead of us!